New Released of Replica IWC Big Pilot 43 Automatic Watches

New Released of Replica IWC Big Pilot 43 Automatic Watches 3

The original Special IWC Pilot’s watch set the standard for the timepieces in the IWC Pilot’s collection today. The Mark 11, first manufactured in 1948, is the most well known pilot watch in IWC’s collection. This timepiece was initially produced for the Royal Air Force and was used by them for over thirty years.

The Collection

The Mark 11 features a soft inner case made of iron that houses the movement and protects it from the interference of magnetic fields. The IWC Big Pilot’s watch, first released in 1940, is the largest wristwatch or ‘deck watch’ IWC has ever produced.

New Released of Replica IWC Big Pilot 43 Automatic Watches 1

So it’s good news that the replica IWC Big Pilot watch has found its way out of the cockpit to become a staple in the crop of modern sport watches suitable for everyday wear. Here, we’ll look at how the new 43mm “little” Big Pilot continues that evolution, on the ground and in the sky. For most of its modern life, the IWC Big Pilot watch has been made in a 46mm case size.

The New Model

Last year IWC released a 43mm version. And while 3mm doesn’t seem like a huge deal, a small shift in case size represents a major shift in ideology and wearability. IWC’s Big Pilot replica watch is landing in New York City. Starting next week at the Vessel at Hudson Yards, the brand will put on the final showing of its Big Pilot exhibition, which has been touring the U.S.

Since it debuted in Los Angeles on September 23. New York will mark the eighth leg of the tour, following cities like Palo Alto, Newport Beach, Scottsdale, Miami, Charleston and, this week, Houston. The interactive spectacle, housed in converted shipping containers.

New Released of Replica IWC Big Pilot 43 Automatic Watches 2

Invites the public to discover the watchmaker’s history and get up-close with the newest additions to its IWC Big Pilot replica watches collection, a pillar line that focuses on the Swiss company’s aviation roots. But the 43mm version perfectly captures the zeitgeist of modern horological enthusiasm; it’s a fantastic size for a fantastic watch.

It represents a shift away from the IWC’s former reputation as the makers of the dinner-plate-on-the-wrist Big Pilot. But even 46mm is downsized from the original watches that the IWC Big Pilot replica watch takes design cues from. Those were a whopping 55mm.

For those of you with your head in the clouds, the watches are known for their oversized conical crowns—a feature that was useful to pilots who needed to easily adjust the time while wearing bulky flight gloves—and dials styled in the vein of cockpit instruments for increased legibility. They are a nod to the timepieces replica IWC watch originally created as functional military timekeepers some 80 years ago.

On my 7.5-inch wrist, the lugs of the 43mm IWC Big Pilot don’t protrude or cause any sort of discomfort. There’s no part of the case that hangs over my wrist, whereas the 46mm big pilot does. Those 3mm make a very noticeable difference, and I say that as a former skeptic. This isn’t like when the Rolex Submariner replica watch grew 1mm and absolutely no one could tell the difference.

New Released of Replica IWC Big Pilot 43 Automatic Watches 3

The 3mm downsize makes an enormous difference on the wrist, physically, but there’s even more to it. After a week with it, I fell in love with the new replica IWC Big Pilot watch, a watch I had never really connected with before. It’s a known phenomenon that enthusiasts constantly ask for smaller case sizes but brands don’t really need to listen to them.

The Conclusion

Because the majority of their customers are non-enthusiast buyers that actually prefer larger case sizes. As watch-obsessives, we often forget how different the standard consumer is from the enthusiast. Visitors will be able to get their hands on the new 2021 lineup, including the newly redesigned IWC Big Pilot 43 replica watch, and have the opportunity to engage with the company’s in-house experts.

Beaming in from afar via PORTL hologram technology, CEO Christopher Grainger-Herr and brand ambassador and Formula One champion, Lewis Hamilton, will welcome guests via life-sized projections. Other partners of the brand will be present via the same medium on the “Creators Wall” to share stories of how the Big Pilot has been a part of their own journey. You can learn more info and buy replica IWC Big Pilot Automatic watches online at, during Black Friday 2021, all watches at 10% discount, and the price cannot be further lowered.

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